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+ Reclaim your energy through body awareness and mindset strategies.

+ interactive teaching sessions with simple to implement tips.

+ learn easy herbal care to support your daily routines.

+ Join now and get started on a journey to greater wellness!

  • Reclaim your energy through body awareness and mindset strategies.
  • Interactive teaching sessions with simple to implement tips.
  • ​Learn easy herbal care to support your daily routines.
  • Join now and get started on a journey to greater wellness!

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Join Alison Magill, Herbalist and Educator at The Well Cultivated Life,
for 5 days of LIVE sessions!
6PM Eastern / 3PM Pacific
All sessions will be live-streamed in the
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valued at $795!
Starts October 18, 2021;  REPLAYS available.


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A Guide to Herbal Teas

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  • ​Recipes to Make Your Own Herbal Tea Blends.

More About Your Teacher

Hello! I'm Alison. I am an herbalist, ecologist and educator who loves all things botanical, mindset and personal growth. Connecting with the healing power of plant allies is a lifelong study and passion. I believe that the most important thing we can do to promote a healthy lifestyle is to spend more time in the company of plants. Whether it be more time outside, growing a garden or a window box, eating plants or using plants as medicine - it’s all beneficial to our health. In fact, I love and care for plants so much - you might even call me a Crazy Plant Lady!!!

I also know the deep importance of tending the garden of well being. Our hectic lifestyles leave very little time for our own self improvement, spiritual development and rejuvenation. Without a consistent plan for making ourselves a priority, we end up depleted. Just like the field needs compost and fallow time, so does our inner life need nourishment and the time to relax and reset.

This Virtual Retreat is a chance for me to share these two loves - and probably some zaniness - with you! I want nothing more than for you to begin your journey toward greater wellness with the aid of herbal allies. This retreat will make that possible as I share easy ways to bring flower power into your daily routine. Join me!

What If Reclaiming your Energy
Is Much Easier than You Think?

don't miss out on this opportunity to better understand how your body systems work.

Create a plan for greater wellness with
the support of herbal allies!


Why is this called a Retreat?
There are many ways to connect and share with people online: Challenges, Intensives, Bootcamps.  If you are interested in learning more about what I teach, it's probably because your life already feels like a Bootcamp! What you need is some time for yourself, to focus on your own health - a retreat from the hectic world around you.
Is This Really Free?
YES!! I am so excited about my newly released Sensible Habits framework that I want to share it with YOU! During the retreat, I will guide you through a series of introspective sessions that will help you better understand not only how you are interfacing with life, but how simple habits combined with herbal allies can make small changes for impactful results. This is my gift to you and YOU DESERVE IT!
What if I'm not on Facebook?
Joining the Facebook group will allow you to participate in the live stream and give you the best community support so I highly encourage you to be a part of that experience.  But...I realize it's not for everyone so I will be providing replays via an unlisted YouTube link. When you register for the Come Back to Your Senses Virtual Retreat, you will receive an email confirmation. Be sure to put the email address on your white list! That's how you will receive the replay link.

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Hello Beautiful Woman!

Women seeking holistic solutions to chronic exhaustion are often told it's just part of aging or some sort of “chronic condition”. They will never heal unless they give up everything they love to do: volunteering in the community, being with friends, caring for their children, doing their best in their career. It just doesn't seem like it should have to come to this.

Even if they're eating right, sleeping enough and maintaining an active lifestyle, they're still falling into bed exhausted every night and don’t really understand why. Perhaps you can relate!

My name is Alison, Herbalist at The Well Cultivated Life and this used to be me. After giving birth to my second child in my early 40’s, I realized I was not recovering. When doctors started listing off the possible ailments - thyroid disease, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis - I felt completely hopeless. Was my body really giving out on me at such a young age? What would I have to sacrifice to regain my health?

I was at a critical crossroad! I intuitively knew that there had to be a holistic solution that would keep me from going down the road toward a lifetime of prescription medications and I was determined to find it.

Through years of study and training, I now understand how the body systems work together. I changed my lifestyle and reworked my mindset, then created a program called the Sensible Habits framework. These steps led me to the level of health and vitality I now enjoy and I want the same for you!

This is why I created the week-long Come Back to Your Senses Virtual Retreat! It’s only one hour a day and designed for mid-life women who want to understand how their body works in order to better regulate their energy using a holistic approach.

By the end of this retreat, you will have the insight and the tools to begin reconnecting with your body and reclaiming your scattered energy. I’ve helped many women develop an awareness and a lifestyle that brings them back to their body and back to their senses so they can enjoy each day.

Now it’s your opportunity to do the same in this week-long, immersive learning experience. Click the link to join the FREE retreat today! I so look forward to seeing you there!


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The Well Cultivated Life is a wellness education company located in Barrington, NH
Images of Alison by the talented Kylee Smith, Photographer

The information presented in the Come Back to Your Senses Virtual Retreat and the Sensible Habits framework are for educational purposes only and are not medical advice. Any changes to healthcare routines should be the decision of you and your medical care provider.

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